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How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Oman Airlines?

The national airline of Oman is Oman Air. It runs domestic and international passenger services, regional air taxis, and charter flights out of Muscat International Airport in Seeb, Muscat.

Oman Air was started in 1993 and in March 2010, the airline became the first airline in the world to start providing mobile phone and Wi-Fi Internet services on selected routes. The airline won the Gold award for the "Airline of the Year" at France's Laurier d'Or du Voyage d'Affaires in the year 2011.

How Do I Talk to Someone at Oman Air?

Now there could be times when you would like to contact Oman Air Phone Number to get assistance from a live person at Oman Air. Be it for reserving your Oman Air flight ticket or if you wish to make changes to your flight booking, you can contact the customer service of the airline any time of the day.

You are offered a variety of options to get in touch with a live person at Oman Air, including:

You can get assistance from the Oman Air customer support team by calling their toll-free number, using the live chat feature, sending them an email with your questions or concerns, mailing your concerns to their address, or sending them a direct message on social media.

Call the Oman Air Phone Number

The most preferred method to connect with the Oman Air customer service team is calling the Oman Air Phone number. A phone call is among the most common ways to get in touch with a live person. A specialist will also attend to you and find out what issue you are having. Without losing control of the client, the team member will try everything in their power to resolve the issue.

To initiate the process, you can visit the official website of the airline and navigate to the “Contact Us” section, where you will find the option to contact Oman Air.

When you choose the call option, you can dial + 0113 396 8888 to be connected with a live agent. First off, you will be linked to an IVR after dialing the Oman Air customer service number, which will inquire about the subject of your calls. You will have numerous options to choose from including seat upgrade, policy information, cancellation or refund, amending or removing any travel plans, and reservation support. After that, a live person from Oman Air will be available to speak with you and answer any questions or issues you may have.

Other Media to Contact the Airline

The Oman Air customer support number is always available for you to call, but there are other options as well, as was already indicated. You can find several additional options to contact a live representative of Oman Air by going to the official website of the airline. Find the "Contact Us" tab by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage. You can click it to see the airline's email and social media contact information.

Live Chat –

You can also use the live chat feature to connect with a real person in a matter of minutes. Through a live chat facility, passengers can quickly get assistance from a live Oman Air employee. You must navigate to the "Help Center" page and choose the "Live Chat" option in order to use the service. After that, you can elaborate on your question or concern regarding the flight, and the crew will respond right away. Additionally, a distinct area addresses users of online chat services and offers the greatest assistance to them.

An Email –

Flyers can also get specialized assistance from Oman Air by email. You can also send any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints to After that, wait a few hours for the email service team to respond. Let's say the team doesn't respond to your message request. Please feel free to contact the Oman Air customer support department in that situation.

You will receive a response from a specialist for all of your Web booking cancellation and ticket refund requests within a few business days.

You may also mail them to –   

Oman Air Co.

P.O. Box 58 | P.C.111 | Muscat International Airport

What Services are offered by the Oman Airlines Customer Service Team?

Passengers can access specialized services and first-rate onboard amenities. They can also get in touch with Oman Air's customer support department for any additional help they might need while traveling.

  • Here are a few of Oman Airlines' live-person customer service's best qualities.
  • The crew assists travelers in making arrangements with great convenience and fulfilling travel requirements on a budget.
  • Additionally, when changing a ticket before a flight, travelers can ask for speedy assistance from professionals.
  • If you are unable to check-in online, speak with a real person and ask for assistance right away.
  • Most importantly, learn about the availability of the least expensive airplane tickets and other ongoing holiday package discounts. After choosing your package, ask the executive to arrange your vacation at the most affordable pricing.

FAQs about Oman Air Customer Service

Does Oman Air have 24x7 Customer Service?
Yes, you get 24x7 customer service when you contact Oman Air via call 0113 396 8888.
How can I connect with the airline fast?
By calling them on their toll-free number 0113 396 8888.
Who has access to Live Chat in the Southwest app?
Live Chat is accessible to all those who have a Rapid Rewards account.
How do I connect with a flight representative for cargo services on Oman Air?
Make a direct call to the Muscat service center if you want to use Oman Air's cargo services. The support line's phone number is +0113 396 8888. From Sunday through Thursday, the phone lines are open from 07:00 to 18:00.
Is there a different email to which I send my cargo queries for Oman Air?
You can contact the cargo team via mail and drop your cargo-related concerns and queries at
Can I change the date on my Oman flight ticket?
Yes, you can. And if you need assistance in doing so, you can contact the Oman Air customer service team any time of the day as they are available for you 24x7.


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    I was stuck while booking my flight ticket for Oman Air but the live person of Oman Air is very good for explain everything easily. And this blogs help me to connect with the real person at Oman, they will helped me to book my flight.